Hello everyone! Thank you for coming back to read my blogs 🙂

Today was the last day of the pageant. We got breakfast at 8:00 again, and went straight into hair and makeup. The makeup was sponsored by ModernMakeup, and I think my artist, Rebecca, did amazing!(@rebeccahilsmakeupartistry on Instagram)My hair also looked beautiful, it was done by @adat_beauty on Instagram. Once I was finished I hung out with the photographers again and got some pictures taken of me. They are super fun and hilarious people to be friends with.

Darren and I

Hair and Makeup Done!

We then headed to the theatre to rehearse on stage. At first, there was many mix ups, and confusion, but we eventually got the moves somewhat down. When we were practicing it really hit me hard, that myself or one of these incredible young ladies that I’ve gotten to know the past week, will be crowned Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

Then the show began. I placed in the top 20!! Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the top 10. I am still proud of myself getting as far as I did, and I will definitely remember the skills I learned, and the friends I made forever. I want to thank my sponsors, and people who have donated to help me get to where I am now, and thank you to everyone for your love and support daily. Even though I didn’t win, I am still glad I got to experience something new and interesting that I can use toward my future.

After the show my family greeted me with gifts and hugs. They were definitely the loudest people in the crowd, I mean that’s where I get my volume from. I was even gifted a watermelon. (an inside joke)

My cousin and the watermelon he gave me lol

My dad and I

I am looking forward to what the future holds for me, and I know my experience at Miss Teenage Canada has made me a better performer, title holder, and person. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with the backstage madness, I really appreciate it.

I would really like to thank; my dad, Keon. Mom, Missy. Step mom, Cindy. Step sister, Rachel. Brother, Jagur, friends, and other family for helping me with so much and supporting me from day one. Thank you for encouraging me to do better and be the best I can me. Thank you dad for organizing and managing so many of my events and for always cheering me on, no matter where I place. Last but not least thanks to my grandma living in Markham, for letting us stay with her. I really couldn’t have done this much and this well without you guys, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Last but not least thank you to everyone who reads my blogs. I’m glad you enjoy them, and I will do my best to keep it updated. My reign as Miss Teenage Kootenay 2018 is over in March, so stay tuned for my next blog.

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Hello again, welcome back to my daily blogs. I normally don’t blog everyday, but because it’s nationals I decided to post on what I did that day, for those who are keeping up with my journey.

Today we started off with breakfast at 8:00am, like all the other day so far, then started rehearsals at 9:00am. I think rehearsals went pretty well, and I would say that I’ve really improved on my walking skills, and my confidence. We had lunch around 1:00pm, but rehearsals didn’t get out until 4pm! I think all the hours were worth it though. We got a lot done, and I am excited for you to see the final product.

For tonights show, we had to do our own hair and makeup, which I enjoyed because I love doing makeup. The show was talent and platform presentations. I thought everyone did such an amazing job, and honestly, there’s some real good competition here. Although I am very confident with my performance, I still think that everyone else set the bar really high. I am so happy to see these wonderful ladies share their talents and passions. For my talent I played the ukulele and sang Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

Keon Chung Photo. (my dad)

All of my BC girls did so fantastic tonight. I am so proud of how well their doing, and we’re just rooting for each other because we want to do BC proud. Karina (Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2018) did speed-painting. It looked so good! When she came back stage we all signed the board.

BC Girls! (Myself, Amelia, Karina, Carol, Mina, Tina)

That’s it for today’s blog! Be sure to watch out for tomorrows blog for the finals!! Thank you again to all my sponsors, and people who donated to help me get here. I am forever grateful because this is an incredible learning experience, and I will remember this forever.

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Welcome back to my daily blog! Thank you again for reading!

This morning we headed to breakfast at 8:00 and started rehearsals at 9. We were rehearsing until 2:00pm, then it was time to get lunch and start on hair and makeup. It was so busy today going back and forth trying to get everything done. I think rehearsal today went very well and I definitely learnt a lot about how to work my body right and how to walk better.

After all of that was done we headed to the Toronto Pavillion for the preliminary show. I was so nervous to go out in swimsuit but my friends worked me up and I did my best to own the stage. I think my favorite part was evening gown because you get to walk slow and just work the stage and own it, which I love.

Even though the pageant hasn’t even ended I already feel more confident with myself, and I’ve made plenty of friendships.

Thanks for reading and I will post again tomorrow for talent and platform presentation.


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Welcome back everyone who checks in! Today was a busy day, so be sure to stay tuned.

Before I really get into this blog, I just wanted to quickly thank anther one of our sponsors, Level Wear for giving all the beautiful delegates a sweater or windbreaker. I’ve got to say, the quality of this sweater is super soft, and comfortable! Thanks again for making sure we look fly! Please check out their website here: https://ca.levelwear.com

This morning we headed out for breakfast st 7:45, and was on the bus to Casa Loma for 8:30. Our tour guide, Rick, was an amazing speaker, and his stories were so entertaining. The question still remains… Is Casa Loma haunted? In my opinion I would say yes, just because of Rick’s story’s and I got that vibe.

Then after Casa Loma we went to the CN Tower to take some pictures in front of the Canada sign, it was a quick stop, but I still had fun.

Next stop was the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square. It was just a quick stop for the photo.

After that we went to Yorkdale Mall to shop, and get some lunch. Thank you Yorkdale Mall for sponsoring us a gift card and a tourist card for a discount! You can look at what Yorkdale has to offer here: https://yorkdale.com . I would also like to thank MAC Cosmetics for sponsoring us with a few of their beautiful products! You can visit MAC Cosmetics here: https://m.maccosmetics.ca

When we finished at the mall we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Dave and Busters which was at 6:00. We also got free time in the arcade to play around on the games. I racked up 836 tickets on my card! After Dave and Busters we went back to the hotel to rest for the early morning to come tomorrow.

Thank you again to those who read these blogs, and I’ll be posting again tomorrow!


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Welcome back to my blog! I know not many people actually read these but I appreciate the ones who do, thank you.

This morning we kicked it off bright and early for breakfast from ‘The Local Cafe and Restaurant’ at 8:00am, then got started on hair and makeup. The photo shoot and video shoot went super well for me. The photographer and videographer were so nice to me and the photographer told me to keep modeling because the photographers will love me, and “go tell the other girls what to do”. “I wish I could clone you” is what the videographer said to me because I did so well.

My breakfast from The Local Cafe

Our lunches and dinner for the next week is sponsored by Clean Meals. Clean Meals are super healthy, and super delicious food, that fuel you throughout the day. Eating healthy is important because it keeps your body in shape, so you don’t become over weight. Being over weight can lead to diabetes, bad heart conditions, and can cause certain types of cancer. You genuinely should try and make healthier decisions in your daily living, and Clean Meals makes it easy and tasty for you! You can check out their lovely preparations here: https://cleanmeals.ca

My lunch from Clean Meals 🙂

Later in the day we spent hours working or choreography for the actual show, and let me tell you, my feet are exhausted. All the hard work will be worth it!

Tomorrow is another action packed day, and I can’t wait to start it! Thank you again to those who read my blogs, and I’ll update again tomorrow.

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today is the first day of Nationals!

My roommates; Jess, Jacqueline, and Mahta

6:20- I am super excited to get this day started! It’s been a few hours since we all settled in, and we’re all super stoked to begin. I have 3 roommates; Jacqueline, Mahta, and Jessica. They’re genuinely so kind and I’m glad we are getting along.

11:13- We all just finished the dinner party with all the delegates! The reigning Miss Teenage Canada, Emma Morrison, and the reigning Miss World Canada, Hanna Begovic, were attending. I loved meeting everyone in person! The delegates gift bags look so cute and are filled with lovely products. I especially love the Mac Cosmetics we received, their products are incredible.

Sorry, I’m not sure why the quality is so bad

I also got to re-unite with my BC besties! We missed each other so much it was so great to see then again.

Karina, Tina, and Carol

Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us! There’s breakfast, photoshoot, video shoot, and judges interview, with lunch and dinner sponsored from a company I will blog about soon. I am very excited, but also nervous of course, but I’m sure it will be better than I expected.

Thank you again to everyone for reading my blogs, and i will post again soon.

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Hello everyone,

Welcome back for the people who have been keeping up with my blogs, and hello there to the new faces 🙂

So there’s about two and a half weeks until Miss Teenage Canada takes place in Toronto, and I am super excited about it. I have been keeping busy with getting donations from lots of different local businesses, and I just want to thank everyone for their contribution and endless support.

As you have probably noticed by now, the title intends that this blog will have something to do with my platform. The platform I have chosen is to help children and their families with poverty in less developed nations, and I plan on changing the world by taking part in WE Charity. 

I was first inspired to do this when I attended WE Day in 2014. Everyone who was there to speak their voice, and talk about all these amazing things they have experienced, and what the WE Society has done, really impacted me. So I went online and did some research on the WE Charity, and that’s where my whole platform began. I want to put poverty to an end.

This is my wrist band from WE Day 2014


To raise money for the charity I will hold a bake sale, have a donation bin for those who don’t want any sweets, and also sell homemade/designed  T-Shirts. This is a cause I truly believe in, so I want other people to know about it and support it as well.

The charity of choice this year for the pageant also happens to be Free the Children, but hey might as well embrace it. I am happy that all the girls this year will be supporting this charity as well. WE is well known, but I’m glad I know more people are getting involved.

Thanks again for reading my posts, and I will be keeping you updated on what I’m up to. I am so excited to head off to Toronto soon. Be sure to also keep up on my Instagram @missteenagekootenay2018.



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Hello again,

So I’ve recently been inspired to write about my experience as Miss Teenage Kootenay, and what it means to me.

So far in my journey to Miss Teenage Canada, I have been keeping busy. I have made many public appearances in the East and West Kootenays, volunteered at fundraisers, and have been a role model for children.

As soon as I got home from the Miss Teen BC pageant, I was featured on the Summit 107 Radio station. I just talked about my time at the pageant, what I liked and how the people were. The following week lots of people were telling me they heard me on the radio, and that I did a great job. It was so exciting seeing everyone supporting me. Since then I have also gone on The B-104 radio, and was on Shaw TV community features.

B-104 radio interview

Summit 107 radio interview

Shaw TV feature

I love volunteering. Participating for these fundraisers has made me feel better about myself. I think the causes are important and I’m glad I got to help out. I’ve volunteered at Kick Cancer in the Grass, Caring for Kids, and getting donations for Miss Teenage Canada’s charity of choice ‘Free the Children’.

At the Caring for Kids charity event

When ever I go out wearing my crown and sash, I love people reactions and comments. Everyone is really nice to me, and it helps build up confidence. It warms my heart to see the young children come up to me and ask if I’m a princess, and of course I’ll say yes, even though technically I am a Miss Teenage.

At the Kick Cancer in the Grass charity event

One of the appearances I made was for the local fun weekend known as Sam Steele Days. Here I was in the parade, spoke at the pageant as a visiting royalty feature, and hung out with the newly crowned Sam Steele Sweetheart, Isabella Fiorentino, and Princess, Brooke Wheeldon. Both who are which my personal friends, and I am very proud of them.

Princess of Sam Steele, Brooke Wheeldon and her family.

Sam Steele Sweetheart, Isabella Fiorentino

Me in the Sam Steele Days parade

Being Miss Teenage Kootenay makes me a mature and independent young lady. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. I want to continue with my journey and bring more pride to my community. So far, I consider everything I have taken part in, and done for myself an accomplishment. The experience of being Miss Teenage Kootenay has built so much confidence and character. I look forward to volunteering and participating more with my title.

Thanks again for reading 🙂

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Hello everyone! My name is Jaydlyn and I am the current Miss Teenage Kootenay. The Kootenays are located in the lower right corner of the boot shape of BC. I have lived here my whole life, minus the one year I spent in the beautiful capital of British Columbia, Victoria. Where I live, there is an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains, which are super breath taking. People from around the world plan trips to the East Kootenays just to see the incredible sight for themselves, and I have the privilege of calling this place my home. Well that’s just a little bit about where I live, but let’s talk more about myself.

I recently took this myself while camping.

I am a energetic, happy, caring, and funny fifteen year old, who has a passion for music. Now, I could just keep writing sentences on things about myself, but I’m just going to list 10 amusing and fun facts about me.

1.  I am half Chinese. My dads side of the family are all Chinese, and my moms side is mixed Metis, French, German, English, and a whole bunch of European. I would one day like to travel to China.

2. I don’t really have a favourite anything. I like too many things that I can’t choose one, this is probably why I’m the most indecisive person I know. For example, if you were to ask me what my favourite season is, I wouldn’t give you a straight answer because there is too much to like about each one.

They are all so beautiful to me.

3. I have a longing to travel. It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the wonders Greece has to offer. I love the country Greece because I love the musical ‘Mama Mia’. I just think the scenery is exquisite, and I really want to experience it for myself.

4. I love to sing. Really anything to do with music I will enjoy. I have been playing ukulele for almost four years. I also know how to play flute, a bit of guitar, and I am self taught on piano, but I play by ear and from YouTube. My dad owns a music store and has helped me a lot with my musical talent.

5. I enjoy baking and cooking. Growing up, I used to watch my mom cook various types of food. It was very amusing to me, but I myself preferred baking. I just find that the different ways to make something is fascinating.

I made this in my cooking class. My group and I chose Greece as our theme.

6. I love to be outside. Being inside has its perks, but the outdoors has so many possibilities. I especially like going to lakes, going for walks, camping, or even just sitting on the grass soaking up the sun.

I recently took this while camping at Horseshoe Lake.

7. I am really interested in science, but exclusively biology and psychology. My mom is a registered nurse, so I’ve always been surrounded with biology, and I’ve found it interesting for a long time. I have also always found that the study of people and the human brain intriguing. If my career in performing arts does not go through, then I will probably do something in the medical field, or get into psychology.







8. One of my favourite things to do is take photos, I am really interested in photography. I have always liked this, and it is now a hobby I do daily. My dad let’s me use his nice camera to take pictures.

This is my best friend Grace.

I took this during the lunch break for Miss Teenage BC.






9. I enjoy speaking in public, and just working with people, I’m definitely not shy at all. As I have mentioned before, being on stage is sort of my thing. Not only do I enjoy performing, but I just like helping/speaking to people. I have a lot of confidence, so why not embrace it.

This is me presenting my speech at the Sam Steele Sweethearts Pageant.

10. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I think that people can change, and that we should all be given the equal amount of forgiveness, love and acceptance. I know everyone has a voice, and I believe they should be heard.

Thank you to everyone for your past and future support in my journey to competing for Miss Teenage Canada. A special thank you to my dad, step mom, mom, step sister, and my brother for their help and support. I look forward to posting more blogs, and I hope you’ll keep yourself updated.

Written by: Jaydlyn
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