Hello everyone! My name is Jaydlyn and I am the current Miss Teenage Kootenay. The Kootenays are located in the lower right corner of the boot shape of BC. I have lived here my whole life, minus the one year I spent in the beautiful capital of British Columbia, Victoria. Where I live, there is an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains, which are super breath taking. People from around the world plan trips to the East Kootenays just to see the incredible sight for themselves, and I have the privilege of calling this place my home. Well that’s just a little bit about where I live, but let’s talk more about myself.

I recently took this myself while camping.

I am a energetic, happy, caring, and funny fifteen year old, who has a passion for music. Now, I could just keep writing sentences on things about myself, but I’m just going to list 10 amusing and fun facts about me.

1.  I am half Chinese. My dads side of the family are all Chinese, and my moms side is mixed Metis, French, German, English, and a whole bunch of European. I would one day like to travel to China.

2. I don’t really have a favourite anything. I like too many things that I can’t choose one, this is probably why I’m the most indecisive person I know. For example, if you were to ask me what my favourite season is, I wouldn’t give you a straight answer because there is too much to like about each one.

They are all so beautiful to me.

3. I have a longing to travel. It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the wonders Greece has to offer. I love the country Greece because I love the musical ‘Mama Mia’. I just think the scenery is exquisite, and I really want to experience it for myself.

4. I love to sing. Really anything to do with music I will enjoy. I have been playing ukulele for almost four years. I also know how to play flute, a bit of guitar, and I am self taught on piano, but I play by ear and from YouTube. My dad owns a music store and has helped me a lot with my musical talent.

5. I enjoy baking and cooking. Growing up, I used to watch my mom cook various types of food. It was very amusing to me, but I myself preferred baking. I just find that the different ways to make something is fascinating.

I made this in my cooking class. My group and I chose Greece as our theme.

6. I love to be outside. Being inside has its perks, but the outdoors has so many possibilities. I especially like going to lakes, going for walks, camping, or even just sitting on the grass soaking up the sun.

I recently took this while camping at Horseshoe Lake.

7. I am really interested in science, but exclusively biology and psychology. My mom is a registered nurse, so I’ve always been surrounded with biology, and I’ve found it interesting for a long time. I have also always found that the study of people and the human brain intriguing. If my career in performing arts does not go through, then I will probably do something in the medical field, or get into psychology.







8. One of my favourite things to do is take photos, I am really interested in photography. I have always liked this, and it is now a hobby I do daily. My dad let’s me use his nice camera to take pictures.

This is my best friend Grace.

I took this during the lunch break for Miss Teenage BC.






9. I enjoy speaking in public, and just working with people, I’m definitely not shy at all. As I have mentioned before, being on stage is sort of my thing. Not only do I enjoy performing, but I just like helping/speaking to people. I have a lot of confidence, so why not embrace it.

This is me presenting my speech at the Sam Steele Sweethearts Pageant.

10. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I think that people can change, and that we should all be given the equal amount of forgiveness, love and acceptance. I know everyone has a voice, and I believe they should be heard.

Thank you to everyone for your past and future support in my journey to competing for Miss Teenage Canada. A special thank you to my dad, step mom, mom, step sister, and my brother for their help and support. I look forward to posting more blogs, and I hope you’ll keep yourself updated.

Written by: Jaydlyn
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