Hello everyone,

Welcome back for the people who have been keeping up with my blogs, and hello there to the new faces 🙂

So there’s about two and a half weeks until Miss Teenage Canada takes place in Toronto, and I am super excited about it. I have been keeping busy with getting donations from lots of different local businesses, and I just want to thank everyone for their contribution and endless support.

As you have probably noticed by now, the title intends that this blog will have something to do with my platform. The platform I have chosen is to help children and their families with poverty in less developed nations, and I plan on changing the world by taking part in WE Charity. 

I was first inspired to do this when I attended WE Day in 2014. Everyone who was there to speak their voice, and talk about all these amazing things they have experienced, and what the WE Society has done, really impacted me. So I went online and did some research on the WE Charity, and that’s where my whole platform began. I want to put poverty to an end.

This is my wrist band from WE Day 2014


To raise money for the charity I will hold a bake sale, have a donation bin for those who don’t want any sweets, and also sell homemade/designed  T-Shirts. This is a cause I truly believe in, so I want other people to know about it and support it as well.

The charity of choice this year for the pageant also happens to be Free the Children, but hey might as well embrace it. I am happy that all the girls this year will be supporting this charity as well. WE is well known, but I’m glad I know more people are getting involved.

Thanks again for reading my posts, and I will be keeping you updated on what I’m up to. I am so excited to head off to Toronto soon. Be sure to also keep up on my Instagram @missteenagekootenay2018.



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