Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today is the first day of Nationals!

My roommates; Jess, Jacqueline, and Mahta

6:20- I am super excited to get this day started! It’s been a few hours since we all settled in, and we’re all super stoked to begin. I have 3 roommates; Jacqueline, Mahta, and Jessica. They’re genuinely so kind and I’m glad we are getting along.

11:13- We all just finished the dinner party with all the delegates! The reigning Miss Teenage Canada, Emma Morrison, and the reigning Miss World Canada, Hanna Begovic, were attending. I loved meeting everyone in person! The delegates gift bags look so cute and are filled with lovely products. I especially love the Mac Cosmetics we received, their products are incredible.

Sorry, I’m not sure why the quality is so bad

I also got to re-unite with my BC besties! We missed each other so much it was so great to see then again.

Karina, Tina, and Carol

Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us! There’s breakfast, photoshoot, video shoot, and judges interview, with lunch and dinner sponsored from a company I will blog about soon. I am very excited, but also nervous of course, but I’m sure it will be better than I expected.

Thank you again to everyone for reading my blogs, and i will post again soon.

Written by: Jaydlyn

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