Welcome back to my blog! I know not many people actually read these but I appreciate the ones who do, thank you.

This morning we kicked it off bright and early for breakfast from ‘The Local Cafe and Restaurant’ at 8:00am, then got started on hair and makeup. The photo shoot and video shoot went super well for me. The photographer and videographer were so nice to me and the photographer told me to keep modeling because the photographers will love me, and “go tell the other girls what to do”. “I wish I could clone you” is what the videographer said to me because I did so well.

My breakfast from The Local Cafe

Our lunches and dinner for the next week is sponsored by Clean Meals. Clean Meals are super healthy, and super delicious food, that fuel you throughout the day. Eating healthy is important because it keeps your body in shape, so you don’t become over weight. Being over weight can lead to diabetes, bad heart conditions, and can cause certain types of cancer. You genuinely should try and make healthier decisions in your daily living, and Clean Meals makes it easy and tasty for you! You can check out their lovely preparations here: https://cleanmeals.ca

My lunch from Clean Meals 🙂

Later in the day we spent hours working or choreography for the actual show, and let me tell you, my feet are exhausted. All the hard work will be worth it!

Tomorrow is another action packed day, and I can’t wait to start it! Thank you again to those who read my blogs, and I’ll update again tomorrow.

Written by: Jaydlyn

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