Welcome back everyone who checks in! Today was a busy day, so be sure to stay tuned.

Before I really get into this blog, I just wanted to quickly thank anther one of our sponsors, Level Wear for giving all the beautiful delegates a sweater or windbreaker. I’ve got to say, the quality of this sweater is super soft, and comfortable! Thanks again for making sure we look fly! Please check out their website here: https://ca.levelwear.com

This morning we headed out for breakfast st 7:45, and was on the bus to Casa Loma for 8:30. Our tour guide, Rick, was an amazing speaker, and his stories were so entertaining. The question still remains… Is Casa Loma haunted? In my opinion I would say yes, just because of Rick’s story’s and I got that vibe.

Then after Casa Loma we went to the CN Tower to take some pictures in front of the Canada sign, it was a quick stop, but I still had fun.

Next stop was the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square. It was just a quick stop for the photo.

After that we went to Yorkdale Mall to shop, and get some lunch. Thank you Yorkdale Mall for sponsoring us a gift card and a tourist card for a discount! You can look at what Yorkdale has to offer here: https://yorkdale.com . I would also like to thank MAC Cosmetics for sponsoring us with a few of their beautiful products! You can visit MAC Cosmetics here: https://m.maccosmetics.ca

When we finished at the mall we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Dave and Busters which was at 6:00. We also got free time in the arcade to play around on the games. I racked up 836 tickets on my card! After Dave and Busters we went back to the hotel to rest for the early morning to come tomorrow.

Thank you again to those who read these blogs, and I’ll be posting again tomorrow!


Written by: Jaydlyn

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