Welcome back to my daily blog! Thank you again for reading!

This morning we headed to breakfast at 8:00 and started rehearsals at 9. We were rehearsing until 2:00pm, then it was time to get lunch and start on hair and makeup. It was so busy today going back and forth trying to get everything done. I think rehearsal today went very well and I definitely learnt a lot about how to work my body right and how to walk better.

After all of that was done we headed to the Toronto Pavillion for the preliminary show. I was so nervous to go out in swimsuit but my friends worked me up and I did my best to own the stage. I think my favorite part was evening gown because you get to walk slow and just work the stage and own it, which I love.

Even though the pageant hasn’t even ended I already feel more confident with myself, and I’ve made plenty of friendships.

Thanks for reading and I will post again tomorrow for talent and platform presentation.


Written by: Jaydlyn

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