Hello again, welcome back to my daily blogs. I normally don’t blog everyday, but because it’s nationals I decided to post on what I did that day, for those who are keeping up with my journey.

Today we started off with breakfast at 8:00am, like all the other day so far, then started rehearsals at 9:00am. I think rehearsals went pretty well, and I would say that I’ve really improved on my walking skills, and my confidence. We had lunch around 1:00pm, but rehearsals didn’t get out until 4pm! I think all the hours were worth it though. We got a lot done, and I am excited for you to see the final product.

For tonights show, we had to do our own hair and makeup, which I enjoyed because I love doing makeup. The show was talent and platform presentations. I thought everyone did such an amazing job, and honestly, there’s some real good competition here. Although I am very confident with my performance, I still think that everyone else set the bar really high. I am so happy to see these wonderful ladies share their talents and passions. For my talent I played the ukulele and sang Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

Keon Chung Photo. (my dad)

All of my BC girls did so fantastic tonight. I am so proud of how well their doing, and we’re just rooting for each other because we want to do BC proud. Karina (Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2018) did speed-painting. It looked so good! When she came back stage we all signed the board.

BC Girls! (Myself, Amelia, Karina, Carol, Mina, Tina)

That’s it for today’s blog! Be sure to watch out for tomorrows blog for the finals!! Thank you again to all my sponsors, and people who donated to help me get here. I am forever grateful because this is an incredible learning experience, and I will remember this forever.

Written by: Jaydlyn

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